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0SCG1_HUMAN*   SwissProt (?) | Description Local Annotation Link Reference
General Information
DescriptionSecretogranin-1 precursor (secretogranin i) (sgi) (chromogranin b) (cgb) .
SpeciesHomo sapiens (NCBI taxonomy ID: 9606)
GO0005179 hormone activity (TAS)
Domain Architecture (Details)
InterPro domains unassigned to SynO:
Granins (chromogranins or secretogranins) are a family of acidic proteins present in the secretory granules of a wide variety of endocrine and neuro-endocrine cells. The exact function(s) of these proteins is not yet known but they seem to be the precursors of biologically active peptides and/or they may act as helper proteins in the packaging of peptide hormones and neuropeptides. Apart from their subcellular location and the abundance of acidic residues (Asp and Glu).hese proteins do not share many structural similarities. Only one short region.ocated in the C-terminal section.s conserved in all these proteins.Chromogranins and secretogranins together share a C-terminal motif.hereas chromogranins A and B share a region of high similarity in their N-terminal section; this region includes two cysteine residues involved in a disulphide bond.
Chromogranins and secretogranins are acidic proteins present in the secretory granules of endocrine and neuro-endocrine cells . Granins may be precursors of biologically-active peptides.r they may be helper proteins in the packaging of peptide hormones and neuropeptides - their precise role is unclear.Chromogranins A and B are characterised by an N-terminal motif that includes 2 cysteine residues involved in disulphide bond formation.
  IPR001819:Chromogranin A/B
SequencesProtein: SCG1_HUMAN (677 aa)
mRNA: NM_001819
Local Annotation
Synapse Ontology
Calcium release from RyR (Ryanodine Receptor) in the SR (Sarcoplasmic Reticulum) is activated by the calcium induced-calcium-release
sdb:0325 RyR-CICR  (Evidence:keywords)
KO assignmentNot mapped to KEGG
Loci Structure (Details)Loci index, Chromosomal location, Length, Possible relational loci clusterExon1: 54 residues, 5840167-5840328Exon2: 17 residues, 5844971-5845018Exon3: 33 residues, 5845471-5845565Exon4: 590 residues, 5850980-5852746Exon5: 130 residues, 5853617-5854003Exon6: 2 residues, -Jump to SCG1_HUMAN  
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Loci Cluster (Details)Loci: 3237 5934878-5966037 ~-31K 22678(C20orf155)(+)Loci: 3236 5840167-5854003 ~-14K 22670(CHGB)(+)Link out to UCSC