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1Q8NC77_HUMAN*   Trembl (?) | Description Local Annotation Link Reference
General Information
DescriptionCdna flj90433 fis, clone nt2rp3000721.
SpeciesHomo sapiens (NCBI taxonomy ID: 9606)
Domain Architecture (Details)
InterPro domains unassigned to SynO:
The GRAM domain is found in in glucosyltransferases.yotubularins and other putative membrane-associated proteins.
SequencesProtein: Q8NC77_HUMAN (713 aa)
mRNA: AK074914 BC014077
Local Annotation
Synapse Ontology
Calcium release from RyR (Ryanodine Receptor) in the SR (Sarcoplasmic Reticulum) is activated by the calcium induced-calcium-release
sdb:0325 RyR-CICR  (Evidence:keywords)
KO assignmentNot mapped to KEGG
Loci Structure (Details)Loci index, Chromosomal location, Length, Possible relational loci clusterExon1: 49 residues, 40183085-40183230Exon2: 72 residues, 40191862-40192073Exon3: 9 residues, 40192166-40192187Exon4: 30 residues, 40192631-40192716Exon5: 36 residues, 40192835-40192939Exon6: 34 residues, 40193027-40193123Exon7: 29 residues, 40194217-40194298Exon8: 39 residues, 40195999-40196112Exon9: 52 residues, 40196284-40196435Exon10: 68 residues, 40196932-40197131Exon11: 50 residues, 40198567-40198711Exon12: 41 residues, 40201934-40202053Exon13: 49 residues, 40202134-40202277Exon14: 36 residues, 40204245-40204349Exon15: 60 residues, 40204434-40204608Exon16: 31 residues, 40204694-40204782Exon17: 6 residues, 40205643-40205655Exon18: 38 residues, 40205979-40206087Exon19: 42 residues, 40206170-40206291Exon20: 142 residues, 40208792-40209213Exon21: 2 residues, -Jump to Q8NC77_HUMANExon1: 21 residues, 40183169-40183230Exon2: 72 residues, 40191862-40192073Exon3: 30 residues, 40192631-40192716Exon4: 36 residues, 40192835-40192939Exon5: 34 residues, 40193027-40193123Exon6: 29 residues, 40194217-40194298Exon7: 39 residues, 40195999-40196112Exon8: 52 residues, 40196284-40196435Exon9: 68 residues, 40196932-40197131Exon10: 50 residues, 40198567-40198711Exon11: 41 residues, 40201934-40202053Exon12: 49 residues, 40202134-40202277Exon13: 36 residues, 40204245-40204349Exon14: 60 residues, 40204434-40204608Exon15: 31 residues, 40204694-40204782Exon16: 38 residues, 40205979-40206087Exon17: 42 residues, 40206170-40206291Exon18: 142 residues, 40208792-40209213Exon19: 2 residues, -Jump to Q8NC77_HUMAN  
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Loci Cluster (Details)Loci: 3104 40213373-40223192 ~-10K 18556(SCN1B)(+)Loci: 3103 40183085-40209213 ~-26K 18553(+)Link out to UCSC