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0MYO1A_HUMAN*   SwissProt (?) | Description Local Annotation Link Reference
General Information
DescriptionMyosin ia (brush border myosin i) (bbm-i) (bbmi) (myosin i heavy chain) (mihc).
SpeciesHomo sapiens (NCBI taxonomy ID: 9606)
GO0005903 brush border (TAS)
0005859 muscle myosin (TAS)
0000146 microfilament motor activity (NAS)
0030048 actin filament-based movement (NAS)

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Domain Architecture (Details)
InterPro domains unassigned to SynO:
These proteins share a region of sequence similarity with the tail of myosin (for example ).Myosins act as molecular motors.
  IPR010926:Myosin tail 2
Calmodulin (CaM) is recognized as a major calcium sensor and orchestrator of regulatory events through its interaction with a diverse group of cellular proteins. Three classes of recognition motifs exist for many of the known CaM binding proteins; the IQ motif as a consensus for Ca2+-independent binding and two related motifs for Ca2+-dependent binding.ermed18-14 and 1-5-10 based on the position of conserved hydrophobic residues .The regulatory domain of scallop myosin is a three-chain protein complex that switches on this motor in response to Ca2+ binding. Side-chain interactions link the two light chains in tandem to adjacent segments of the heavy chain bearing the IQ-sequence motif. The Ca2+-binding site is a novel EF-hand motif on the essential light chain and is stabilized by linkages involving the heavy chain and both light chains.ccounting for the requirement of all three chains for Ca2+ binding and regulation in the intact myosin molecule .
  IPR000048:IQ calmodulin-binding region
Muscle contraction is caused by sliding between the thick and thin filaments of the myofibril. Myosin is a major component of thick filaments and exists as a hexamer of 2 heavy chains . alkali light chains.nd 2 regulatory light chains. The heavy chain can be subdivided into the N-terminal globular head and the C-terminal coiled-coil rod-like tail.lthough some forms have a globular region in their C-terminal. There are many cell-specific isoforms of myosin heavy chains.oded for by a multi-gene family . Myosin interacts with actin to convert chemical energy.n the form of ATP.o mechanical energy . The 3-D structure of the head portion of myosin has been determined and a model for actin-myosin complex has been constructed .The globular head is well conserved.ome highly-conserved regions possibly relating to functional and structural domains . The rod-like tail starts with an invariant proline residue.nd contains many repeats of a 28 residue region.nterrupted at 4 regularly-spaced points known as skip residues. Although the sequence of the tail is not well conserved.he chemical character is.ydrophobic.harged and skip residues occuring in a highly ordered and repeated fashion .
  IPR001609:Myosin head, motor region
SequencesProtein: MYO1A_HUMAN (1043 aa)
mRNA: NM_005379
Local Annotation
Synapse Ontology
Calcium release from RyR (Ryanodine Receptor) in the SR (Sarcoplasmic Reticulum) is activated by the calcium induced-calcium-release
sdb:0325 RyR-CICR  (Evidence:keywords)
KO assignmentNot mapped to KEGG
Loci Structure (Details)Loci index, Chromosomal location, Length, Possible relational loci clusterExon1: 122 residues, 55708568-55708932Exon2: 44 residues, 55709182-55709310Exon3: 53 residues, 55709485-55709638Exon4: 46 residues, 55709790-55709923Exon5: 37 residues, 55710260-55710367Exon6: 47 residues, 55711090-55711225Exon7: 27 residues, 55716357-55716432Exon8: 25 residues, 55716822-55716891Exon9: 52 residues, 55716992-55717142Exon10: 33 residues, 55717598-55717692Exon11: 69 residues, 55717919-55718120Exon12: 77 residues, 55718462-55718689Exon13: 69 residues, 55718859-55719060Exon14: 23 residues, 55719262-55719325Exon15: 37 residues, 55721234-55721339Exon16: 24 residues, 55721482-55721548Exon17: 31 residues, 55723122-55723209Exon18: 41 residues, 55723290-55723409Exon19: 51 residues, 55723906-55724054Exon20: 36 residues, 55724156-55724260Exon21: 35 residues, 55726602-55726701Exon22: 23 residues, 55726913-55726977Exon23: 17 residues, 55727111-55727158Exon24: 37 residues, 55727353-55727458Exon25: 33 residues, 55727677-55727772Exon26: 40 residues, 55728039-55728155Exon27: 46 residues, 55728260-55728394Exon28: 76 residues, 55729937-55730160Exon29: 2 residues, -Jump to MYO1A_HUMAN  
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Loci Cluster (Details)Loci: 2763 54396087-54399754 ~-4K 9024(BLOC1S1)(+)Loci: 2764 54423333-54430331 ~-7K 9030(GDF11)(+)Loci: 2765 54654128-54674745 ~-21K 9056(RAB5B)(+)Loci: 2766 54677309-54685574 ~-8K 9057(SUOX)(+)Loci: 2767 54798296-54802545 ~-4K 9067(+)Loci: 4051 54843395-54869544 ~-26K 9082(SMARCC2)(-)Loci: 4052 54951749-54980442 ~-29K 9095(CS)(-)Loci: 4053 55151003-55168448 ~-17K 9108(GLS2)(-)Loci: 4054 55275981-55316430 ~-40K 9114(BAZ2A)(-)Loci: 4055 55318225-55326119 ~-8K 9115(ATP5B)(-)Loci: 4056 55708568-55730160 ~-22K 9128(MYO1A)(-)Loci: 4050 54364622-54387894 ~-23K 9022(ITGA7)(-)Link out to UCSC