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0B4GT3_HUMAN*   SwissProt (?) | Description Local Annotation Link Reference
General Information
DescriptionBeta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 3 (ec 2.4.1.-) (beta-1,4-galtase 3) (beta4gal-t3) (b4gal-t3) (udp-galactose:beta-n-acetylglucosamine beta- 1,4-galactosyltransferase 3) (udp-gal:beta-glcnac beta-1,4- galactosyltransferase 3) .
SpeciesHomo sapiens (NCBI taxonomy ID: 9606)
GO0008378 galactosyltransferase activity (TAS)
Domain Architecture (Details)
InterPro domains unassigned to SynO:
This is a family of galactosyltransferases from a wide range of metazoa with three related galactosyltransferase activities; all three of which are possessed by one sequence in some cases. The three functions are N-acetyllactosamine synthase (); beta-N-acetylglucosaminyl-glycopeptide beta-1.-galactosyltransferase (); and lactose synthase (). Note that N-acetyllactosamine synthase is a component of lactose synthase along with alpha-lactalbumin.n the absence of alpha-lactalbumin N-acetyllactosamine synthase is used.
  IPR003859:Metazoa galactosyltransferase
SequencesProtein: B4GT3_HUMAN (393 aa)
mRNA: NM_003779
Local Annotation
Synapse Ontology
Calcium release from RyR (Ryanodine Receptor) in the SR (Sarcoplasmic Reticulum) is activated by the calcium induced-calcium-release
sdb:0325 RyR-CICR  (Evidence:keywords)
KO assignmentK00708
  Level 3 annotation:
    beta-N-acetylglucosaminylglycopeptide beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase
  Level 2 annotation:
    N-Glycan biosynthesis
    Keratan sulfate biosynthesis
  Level 3 annotation:
    N-acetyllactosamine synthase
  Level 2 annotation:
    Other enzymes
  Level 3 annotation:
    beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 3
  Level 2 annotation:
    Blood group glycolipid biosynthesis - neo-lactoseries
Loci Structure (Details)Loci index, Chromosomal location, Length, Possible relational loci clusterExon1: 260 residues, 159407724-159408503Exon2: 37 residues, 159408640-159408745Exon3: 43 residues, 159410018-159410141Exon4: 65 residues, 159410272-159410463Exon5: 80 residues, 159411406-159411642Exon6: 91 residues, 159412221-159412488Exon7: 50 residues, 159412847-159412993Exon8: 36 residues, 159413836-159413938Exon9: 2 residues, -Jump to B4GT3_HUMAN  
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Loci Cluster (Details)Loci: 2566 159402817-159407634 ~-5K 3130(PPOX)(+)Loci: 3843 159407724-159413938 ~-6K 3131(B4GALT3)(-)Loci: 2567 159435728-159450806 ~-15K 3135(NDUFS2)(+)Loci: 3844 159458706-159460042 ~-1K 3139(APOA2)(-)Loci: 3845 159541150-159546368 ~-5K 3155(MPZ)(-)Loci: 2568 159550789-159601157 ~-50K 3157(SDHC)(+)Loci: 2565 159354514-159357481 ~-3K 3121(NIT1)(+)Link out to UCSC