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0ADIP_HUMAN*   SwissProt (?) | Description Local Annotation Link Reference
General Information
DescriptionAfadin- and alpha-actinin-binding protein (adip) (afadin dil domain- interacting protein) (ssx2-interacting protein).
SpeciesHomo sapiens (NCBI taxonomy ID: 9606)
Domain ArchitectureN/A
SequencesProtein: ADIP_HUMAN (614 aa)
mRNA: BC064389 NM_014021
Local Annotation
Synapse Ontology
introduce the substructure of the synapse and the location where the molecule can be seen. It will contain all the constructive special organelle and molecule we known.
sdb:0001 Structure/Biochemistry of synapse  (Evidence:keywords)
KO assignmentK06085
  Level 3 annotation:
    synovial sarcoma, X breakpoint 2 interacting protein
  Level 2 annotation:
    Adherens junction
Loci Structure (Details)Loci index, Chromosomal location, Length, Possible relational loci clusterExon1: 1231 residues, 84882186-84885878Exon2: 57 residues, 84888632-84888798Exon3: 40 residues, 84890153-84890268Exon4: 60 residues, 84894102-84894276Exon5: 47 residues, 84894618-84894755Exon6: 52 residues, 84896588-84896739Exon7: 61 residues, 84900468-84900646Exon8: 27 residues, 84900725-84900801Exon9: 47 residues, 84902687-84902823Exon10: 39 residues, 84904392-84904503Exon11: 73 residues, 84907951-84908164Exon12: 58 residues, 84908916-84909086Exon13: 46 residues, 84909447-84909579Exon14: 18 residues, 84918608-84918658Exon15: 44 residues, 84928641-84928768Exon16: 2 residues, -Jump to ADIP_HUMANExon1: 90 residues, 84885611-84885878Exon2: 94 residues, 84887941-84888219Exon3: 57 residues, 84888632-84888798Exon4: 40 residues, 84890153-84890268Exon5: 59 residues, 84894102-84894273Exon6: 47 residues, 84894618-84894755Exon7: 52 residues, 84896588-84896739Exon8: 61 residues, 84900468-84900646Exon9: 27 residues, 84900725-84900801Exon10: 47 residues, 84902687-84902823Exon11: 39 residues, 84904392-84904503Exon12: 73 residues, 84907951-84908164Exon13: 58 residues, 84908916-84909086Exon14: 46 residues, 84909447-84909579Exon15: 52 residues, 84928424-84928575Exon16: 2 residues, -Jump to ADIP_HUMAN  
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