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02AAB_HUMAN*   SwissProt (?) | Description Local Annotation Link Reference
General Information
DescriptionSerine/threonine protein phosphatase 2a, 65 kda regulatory subunit a, beta isoform (pp2a, subunit a, pr65-beta isoform) (pp2a, subunit a, r1-beta isoform).
SpeciesHomo sapiens (NCBI taxonomy ID: 9606)
GO0005829 cytosol (ISS)
0016020 membrane (ISS)
0015630 microtubule cytoskeleton (ISS)
0005739 mitochondrion (ISS)
0005634 nucleus (ISS)
0000159 protein phosphatase type 2A complex (ISS)
0005625 soluble fraction (ISS)
0003823 antigen binding (ISS)
0005515 protein binding (ISS)
0046982 protein heterodimerization activity (ISS)
0008601 protein phosphatase type 2A regulator activity (ISS)
0006672 ceramide metabolism (ISS)
0000188 inactivation of MAPK activity (ISS)
0006917 induction of apoptosis (ISS)
0030308 negative regulation of cell growth (ISS)
0042518 negative regulation of tyrosine phosphoryla... (ISS)
0006470 protein amino acid dephosphorylation (ISS)
0006461 protein complex assembly (ISS)
0030155 regulation of cell adhesion (ISS)
0045595 regulation of cell differentiation (ISS)
0006275 regulation of DNA replication (ISS)
0040008 regulation of growth (ISS)
0000074 regulation of progression through cell cycle (ISS)
0045449 regulation of transcription (ISS)
0006445 regulation of translation (ISS)
0030111 regulation of Wnt receptor signaling pathway (ISS)
0010033 response to organic substance (ISS)
0008380 RNA splicing (ISS)
0019932 second-messenger-mediated signaling (ISS)

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Domain Architecture (Details)
InterPro domains unassigned to SynO:
This domain consists of a multi-helical fold comprised of two curved layers of alpha helices arranged in a regular right-handed the repeats that make up this structure are arranged about a common axis . These superhelical structures present an extensive solvent-accessible surface that is well suited to binding large substrates such as proteins and nucleic acids. This topology has been found with a number of repeats and domains.ncluding the armadillo repeat (found in beta-catenins and importins).he HEAT repeat (found in protein phosphatase 2a and initiation factor eIF4G).he PHAT domain (found in Smaug RNA-binding protein).he leucine-rich repeat variant.he Pumilo repeat.nd in the H regulatory subunit of V-type ATPases. The sequence similarity among these different repeats or domains is low.owever they exhibit considerable structural similarity. Furthermore.he number of repeats present in the superhelical structure can vary between orthologues.ndicating that rapid loss/gain of repeats has occurred frequently in evolution. A common phylogenetic origin has been proposed for the armadillo and HEAT repeats .
  IPR011989:Armadillo-like helical
The HEAT repeat is a tandemly repeated.7-47 amino acid long moduleoccurring in a number of cytoplasmic proteins.ncluding the fourname-giving proteins huntingtin.longation factor 3 (EF3).he 65 Kdalpha regulatory subunit of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) and theyeast PI3-kinase TOR1 . Arrays of HEAT repeats consists of 3 to 36units forming a rod-like helical structure and appear to function as protein-protein interaction surfaces. It has been noted that manyHEAT repeat-containing proteins are involved in intracellular transport processes.In the crystal structure of PP2A PR65/A .he HEAT repeats consistof pairs of antiparallel alpha helices.s predicted in .
SequencesProtein: 2AAB_HUMAN (601 aa)
mRNA: BC027596 CR617223
Local Annotation
Synapse Ontology
microtubules of the presynaptic compartment function as the tracks for the intense traffic of organelles from cell body to axon terminals and vice versa. It is generally excluded from the presynaptic vesicle cluster.Microtubules do not directly regulate synapse morphology or function
sdb:0087 microtubules  (Evidence:keywords)
KO assignmentK03456
  Level 3 annotation:
    protein phosphatase 2 (formerly 2A), regulatory subunit A
  Level 2 annotation:
    Wnt signaling pathway
    TGF-beta signaling pathway
    Tight junction
    Long-term depression
Loci Structure (Details)Loci index, Chromosomal location, Length, Possible relational loci clusterExon1: 48 residues, 111102849-111102991Exon2: 42 residues, 111113381-111113503Exon3: 32 residues, 111117986-111118078Exon4: 49 residues, 111118456-111118599Exon5: 53 residues, 111119309-111119464Exon6: 22 residues, 111123887-111123948Exon7: 60 residues, 111128092-111128266Exon8: 47 residues, 111129376-111129511Exon9: 25 residues, 111130432-111130503Exon10: 40 residues, 111130913-111131028Exon11: 54 residues, 111131228-111131384Exon12: 51 residues, 111135737-111135885Exon13: 79 residues, 111136752-111136985Exon14: 35 residues, 111140738-111140839Exon15: 32 residues, 111141227-111141318Exon16: 46 residues, 111142181-111142313Exon17: 2 residues, -Jump to 2AAB_HUMANExon1: 152 residues, 111117093-111117546Exon2: 32 residues, 111117986-111118078Exon3: 49 residues, 111118456-111118599Exon4: 53 residues, 111119309-111119464Exon5: 22 residues, 111123887-111123948Exon6: 60 residues, 111128092-111128266Exon7: 47 residues, 111129376-111129511Exon8: 25 residues, 111130432-111130503Exon9: 40 residues, 111130913-111131028Exon10: 54 residues, 111131228-111131384Exon11: 51 residues, 111135737-111135885Exon12: 79 residues, 111136752-111136985Exon13: 35 residues, 111140738-111140839Exon14: 32 residues, 111141227-111141318Exon15: 43 residues, 111142181-111142306Exon16: 2 residues, -Jump to 2AAB_HUMAN  
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Loci Cluster (Details)Loci: 3990 111102849-111142313 ~-39K 7727(PPP2R1B)(-)Loci: 2704 111462831-111471727 ~-9K 7743(SDHD)(+)Loci: 2705 111602308-111609903 ~-8K 7753(PTS)(+)Loci: 2703 110978379-111102840 ~-124K 7726(SNF1LK2)(+)Link out to UCSC