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Cluster 45, 14 entries, 1-14 (Homo sapiens)
  1. LPHN1 Latrophilin-1 precursor (Calcium-independent alpha-latrotoxin receptor 1) (Lectomedin-2).
  2. ELTD1 EGF, latrophilin and seven transmembrane domain containing protein 1 precursor (EGF-TM7-latrophilin-related protein) (ETL protein).
  3. LPHN2 Latrophilin-2 precursor (Calcium-independent alpha-latrotoxin receptor 2) (Latrophilin homolog 1) (Lectomedin-1).
  4. LPHN3 Latrophilin-3 precursor (Calcium-independent alpha-latrotoxin receptor 3) (Lectomedin-3).
  5. OLFM1 Noelin precursor (Neuronal olfactomedin-related ER localized protein) (Olfactomedin-1).
  6. GPR133 Probable G-protein coupled receptor 133 precursor (G-protein coupled receptor PGR25).
  7. MYOC Myocilin precursor (Trabecular meshwork-induced glucocorticoid response protein).
  8. BAI2 Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor 2 precursor.
  9. OLFM3 Noelin-3 precursor (Olfactomedin-3) (Optimedin).
  10. OLFM2 Noelin-2 precursor (Olfactomedin-2).
  11. Q8TEG0_HUMAN FLJ00237 protein (Fragment).
  12. Q68BL7_HUMAN Photomedin-1.
  13. Q68BL8_HUMAN Photomedin-2.
  14. Q6UX06_HUMAN GW112.
End of MCL cluster:45

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