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Cluster 38, 17 entries, 1-17 (Homo sapiens)
  1. Q6NUN9_HUMAN Hypothetical protein FLJ31413.
  2. BCL11A B-cell lymphoma/leukemia 11A (B-cell CLL/lymphoma 11A) (COUP-TF interacting protein 1) (Ecotropic viral integration site 9 protein) (EVI-9).
  3. ZNF469 Zinc finger protein 469 (Fragment).
  4. ZBTB16 Zinc finger and BTB domain containing protein 16 (Zinc finger protein PLZF) (Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger protein) (Zinc finger protein 145).
  5. ZNF31 Zinc finger protein 31 (Zinc finger protein KOX29) (Zinc finger and SCAN domain containing protein 20).
  6. CTCF Transcriptional repressor CTCF (CCCTC-binding factor) (CTCFL paralog) (11-zinc finger protein).
  7. EGR2 Early growth response protein 2 (EGR-2) (Krox-20 protein) (AT591).
  8. PRDM16 PR-domain zinc finger protein 16 (Transcription factor MEL1).
  9. KLF12 Krueppel-like factor 12 (Transcriptional repressor AP-2rep).
  10. ZNF212 Zinc finger protein 212 (Zinc finger protein C2H2-150).
  11. ZNF263 Zinc finger protein 263 (Zinc finger protein FPM315).
  12. ZNF25 Zinc finger protein 25 (Zinc finger protein KOX19).
  13. ZNF142 Zinc finger protein 142 (HA4654).
  14. Q8TF54_HUMAN KIAA1947 protein (Fragment).
  15. Q9P2A7_HUMAN KIAA1441 protein (Fragment).
  16. Q7Z7Q7_HUMAN Kruppel-like protein HPF1.
  17. Q13127_HUMAN REST protein.
End of MCL cluster:38

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