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Cluster 22, 22 entries, 1-22 (Homo sapiens)
  1. GJB1 Gap junction beta-1 protein (Connexin 32) (Cx32) (GAP junction 28 kDa liver protein).
  2. GJE1 Gap junction epsilon-1 protein (Connexin 31.3) (Cx31.3).
  3. GJB2 Gap junction beta-2 protein (Connexin 26) (Cx26).
  4. Q6PEY0_HUMAN Hypothetical protein GJB7 (Gap junction protein, beta 7). Gap junction protein (Connexin).
  5. GJA1 Gap junction alpha-1 protein (Connexin 43) (Cx43) (Gap junction 43 kDa heart protein).
  6. GJA8 Gap junction alpha-8 protein (Connexin 50) (Cx50) (Lens fiber protein MP70).
  7. Q8N2R7_HUMAN CDNA FLJ90023 fis, clone HEMBA1000940, moderately similar to Connexin40.1.
  8. GJA10 Gap junction alpha-10 protein (Connexin 59) (Cx59) (Connexin 58) (Cx58).
  9. Q969M2_HUMAN Gap junction protein (Connexin). Connexin62 (OTTHUMP00000016858).
  10. GJB4 Gap junction beta-4 protein (Connexin 30.3) (Cx30.3).
  11. GJB5 Gap junction beta-5 protein (Connexin 31.1) (Cx31.1).
  12. GJA3 Gap junction alpha-3 protein (Connexin 46) (Cx46).
  13. GJA4 Gap junction alpha-4 protein (Connexin 37) (Cx37).
  14. GJA5 Gap junction alpha-5 protein (Connexin 40) (Cx40).
  15. GJA7 Gap junction alpha-7 protein (Connexin 45) (Cx45).
  16. GJA9 Gap junction alpha-9 protein (Connexin 36) (Cx36).
  17. GJB3 Gap junction beta-3 protein (Connexin 31) (Cx31).
  18. GJB6 Gap junction beta-6 protein (Connexin 30) (Cx30).
  19. Q59GT9_HUMAN KIAA0590 gene product variant (Fragment).
  20. Q9UBA9_HUMAN Truncated connexin 37 polymorph.
  21. Q6ZUW6_HUMAN Hypothetical protein FLJ43264.
  22. Q8N144_HUMAN Connexin 31.9.
End of MCL cluster:22

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