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Cluster 38, 17 entries, 1-17 (Drosophila melanogaster)
  1. btd Transcription factor btd (Buttonhead protein).
  2. ovo Ovo protein (Shaven baby protein).
  3. hb Hunchback protein.
  4. sob Sister of odd and bowel protein.
  5. ham Transcription factor hamlet.
  6. odd Odd-skipped protein.
  7. zfh1 Zinc finger protein 1 (Zinc finger homeodomain protein 1).
  8. Q9GRX2_DROME Heavy metal-responsive transcription factor-1.
  9. sens Zinc finger protein sens (Senseless protein).
  10. hang Zinc finger protein hangover.
  11. ci Cubitus interruptus protein.
  12. Q86BR3_DROME CG12769-PA, isoform A.
  13. Q8IRP9_DROME CG9650-PB, isoform B.
  14. Kr Krueppel protein.
  15. Q9VIS5_DROME CG10631-PA.
  16. Q9VIS7_DROME CG10462-PA.
  17. Q5U0W3_DROME GH19651p.
End of MCL cluster:38

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