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Cluster 72, 23 entries, 1-23
  1. Nrxn1 Neurexin-1-alpha (Neurexin I-alpha) (Fragments). [Mus musculus]
  2. Nrxn2 Neurexin-2-alpha precursor (Neurexin II-alpha). [Rattus norvegicus]
  3. Nrxn1 Neurexin-1-beta precursor (Neurexin I-beta). [Rattus norvegicus]
  4. Nrxn3 Neurexin-3-alpha precursor (Neurexin III-alpha). [Rattus norvegicus]
  5. Nrxn1 Neurexin-1-alpha precursor (Neurexin I-alpha). [Rattus norvegicus]
  6. NRXN1 Neurexin-1-beta precursor (Neurexin I-beta). [Bos taurus]
  7. NRXN1 Neurexin-1-beta precursor (Neurexin I-beta). [Homo sapiens]
  8. Q9NQ15_HUMAN DJ22I17.2 (Novel protein with EGF-like and laminin G domains) (Fragment). [Homo sapiens]
  9. NRXN3 Neurexin-3-alpha precursor (Neurexin III-alpha). [Homo sapiens]
  10. NRXN1 Neurexin-1-alpha (Neurexin I-alpha) (Fragment). [Gallus gallus]
  11. NRXN2 Neurexin-2-alpha precursor (Neurexin II-alpha). [Homo sapiens]
  12. NRXN1 Neurexin-1-alpha precursor (Neurexin I-alpha). [Bos taurus]
  13. NRXN1 Neurexin-1-alpha precursor (Neurexin I-alpha). [Homo sapiens]
  14. NRXN3 Neurexin-3-beta precursor (Neurexin III-beta). [Bos taurus]
  15. NRXN3 Neurexin-3-beta precursor (Neurexin III-beta). [Homo sapiens]
  16. NRXN2 Neurexin-2-beta precursor (Neurexin II-beta). [Homo sapiens]
  17. Nrxn2 Neurexin-2-beta precursor (Neurexin II-beta). [Rattus norvegicus]
  18. Q7PSM9_ANOGA ENSANGP00000010133 (Fragment). [Anopheles gambiae str. PEST]
  19. Q86SD6_CIOIN Perlecan homologue (Fragment). [Ciona intestinalis]
  20. Q18291_CAEEL Hypothetical protein nrx-1. [Caenorhabditis elegans]
  21. Q8IUD8_HUMAN Neurexin 3-beta (Fragment). [Homo sapiens]
  22. Q8MY74_9BILA Pf2-cadherin (Fragment). [Ptychodera flava]
  23. Q9VCZ9_DROME CG7050-PA. [Drosophila melanogaster]
End of MCL cluster:72

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