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Cluster 37, 49 entries, 1-49
  1. CanB Calcineurin B subunit isoform 1 (Protein phosphatase 2B regulatory subunit). [Drosophila melanogaster]
  2. CanB2 Calcineurin B subunit isoform 2 (Protein phosphatase 2B regulatory subunit). [Drosophila melanogaster]
  3. CABP4 Calcium-binding protein 4 (CaBP4). [Bos taurus]
  4. CABP4 Calcium-binding protein 4 (CaBP4). [Homo sapiens]
  5. Cabp4 Calcium-binding protein 4 (CaBP4). [Mus musculus]
  6. CALM Calmodulin (CaM). [Bos taurus]
  7. Cib1 Calcium and integrin-binding protein 1 (Calmyrin) (DNA-PKcs interacting protein) (Kinase interacting protein) (KIP) (CIB). [Rattus norvegicus]
  8. Cabp1 Calcium-binding protein 1 (CaBP1) (Caldendrin). [Rattus norvegicus]
  9. CABP1 Calcium-binding protein 1 (CaBP1) (Calbrain). [Homo sapiens]
  10. CALMA_ARBPU Calmodulin alpha (CaM A) (Fragment). [Arbacia punctulata]
  11. CALMB_ARBPU Calmodulin beta (Cam B) (Fragment). [Arbacia punctulata]
  12. CABP3 Calcium-binding protein 3 (CaBP3). [Homo sapiens]
  13. CETN1 Centrin-1 (Caltractin isoform 2). [Homo sapiens]
  14. CETN2 Centrin-2 (Caltractin isoform 1). [Homo sapiens]
  15. Cetn2 Centrin-2 (Caltractin isoform 1). [Mus musculus]
  16. CALM_STRPU Calmodulin (CaM) (Fragment). [Strongylocentrotus purpuratus]
  17. CALM_CIOIN Calmodulin (CaM) (Ci-CaM). [Ciona intestinalis]
  18. Cetn1 Centrin-1 (Caltractin). [Mus musculus]
  19. CALM1_BRAFL Calmodulin-1 (CaM 1). [Branchiostoma floridae]
  20. CALM1_BRALA Calmodulin-1 (CaM 1). [Branchiostoma lanceolatum]
  21. CAM2 Calmodulin-2 (CaM 2). [Branchiostoma floridae]
  22. CAM2 Calmodulin-2 (CaM 2). [Branchiostoma lanceolatum]
  23. CALMA_HALRO Calmodulin A (CaM A). [Halocynthia roretzi]
  24. CALMB_HALRO Calmodulin B (CaM B). [Halocynthia roretzi]
  25. CALM Calmodulin (CaM). [Anas platyrhynchos]
  26. CAM Calmodulin (CaM). [Aplysia californica]
  27. calm1b Calmodulin (CaM). [Danio rerio]
  28. cmd-1 Calmodulin (CaM). [Caenorhabditis elegans]
  29. CALM Calmodulin (CaM). [Gallus gallus]
  30. Cam Calmodulin (CaM). [Drosophila melanogaster]
  31. CALM_ELEEL Calmodulin (CaM). [Electrophorus electricus]
  32. CAL1 Calmodulin (CaM). [Epinephelus akaara]
  33. CALM1 Calmodulin (CaM). [Homo sapiens]
  34. CALM_LOCMI Calmodulin (CaM). [Locusta migratoria]
  35. CALM_LUMRU Calmodulin (CaM). [Lumbricus rubellus]
  36. Calm1 Calmodulin (CaM). [Mus musculus]
  37. CALM_MYXGL Calmodulin (CaM). [Myxine glutinosa]
  38. CALM_ONCSP Calmodulin (CaM). [Oncorhynchus sp.]
  39. CALM_PATSP Calmodulin (CaM). [Patinopecten sp.]
  40. CALM Calmodulin (CaM). [Pongo pygmaeus]
  41. CALM_PYUSP Calmodulin (CaM). [Pyuridae gen. sp.]
  42. CALM Calmodulin (CaM). [Oryctolagus cuniculus]
  43. Calm1 Calmodulin (CaM). [Rattus norvegicus]
  44. CALM_STIJA Calmodulin (CaM). [Stichopus japonicus]
  45. CALM_STRIE Calmodulin (CaM). [Strongylocentrotus intermedius]
  46. CALM_TORCA Calmodulin (CaM). [Torpedo californica]
  47. calm1 Calmodulin (CaM). [Xenopus laevis]
  48. Q5H765_DUGJA Calmodulin. [Dugesia japonica]
  49. Q66UE1_9DIPT Calmodulin. [Culicoides sonorensis]
End of MCL cluster:37

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