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Cluster 200, 10 entries, 1-10
  1. SIX1_MESMA Excitatory insect selective toxin 1 precursor (BmK IT1) (BmKIT1) (BmK IT) (BmKIT) (Bm32-VI). [Mesobuthus martensii]
  2. SIX1_ANDAU Insect toxin 1 precursor (AaH IT1) (AaHIT1) (AaIT1) (AaH IT) (AaHIT). [Androctonus australis]
  3. IT-AP Toxin BmK IT-AP precursor (Insect toxin analgesic peptide) (Bm33-I). [Mesobuthus martensii]
  4. XTRIT Excitatory insect toxin Bjxtr-IT precursor (Bj-xtrIT) (BjxtrIT). [Hottentotta judaicus]
  5. SIX1A_LEIQH Insect neurotoxin 1a precursor (Lqh IT1-a) (LqhIT1-a). [Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus]
  6. SIX1B_LEIQH Insect neurotoxin 1b precursor (Lqh IT1-b) (LqhIT1-b). [Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus]
  7. SIX1C_LEIQH Insect neurotoxin 1c precursor (Lqh IT1-c) (LqhIT1-c). [Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus]
  8. SIX1D_LEIQH Insect neurotoxin 1d precursor (Lqh IT1-d) (LqhIT1-d). [Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus]
  9. SIX1_LEIQU Insect toxins 1 and 1' (Insect toxin LqqIT1/LqqIT1'). [Leiurus quinquestriatus quinquestriatus]
  10. SIX2_ANDAU Insect toxin 2 precursor (AaH IT2) (AaHIT2) (AaIT2). [Androctonus australis]
End of MCL cluster:200

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