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Neurotransmitter-gated ion-channel transmembrane region, 64 entries, 1-64 (Caenorhabditis elegans)
  1. acr-16 Acetylcholine receptor-like protein, alpha-type subunit precursor.
  2. unc-29 Acetylcholine receptor, beta-type subunit unc-29 precursor (Uncoordinated protein 29).
  3. deg-3 Acetylcholine receptor, alpha-type subunit deg-3 precursor.
  4. unc-38 Acetylcholine receptor, alpha-type subunit unc-38 precursor (Uncoordinated protein 38).
  5. lev-1 Acetylcholine receptor, beta-type subunit lev-1 precursor (Levamisole resistant protein 1).
  6. acr-2 Acetylcholine receptor, beta-type subunit acr-2 precursor.
  7. acr-3 Acetylcholine receptor, beta-type subunit acr-3 precursor.
  8. acr-5 Acetylcholine receptor, alpha-type subunit acr-5 precursor.
  9. acr-7 Acetylcholine receptor, alpha-type subunit acr-7 precursor.
  10. ggr-1 Glycine receptor beta-type chain 4 precursor.
  11. O01792_CAEEL Hypothetical protein F12B6.3.
  12. O16926_CAEEL Acetylcholine receptor protein 15.
  13. O17041_CAEEL Hypothetical protein T15B7.16.
  14. O17402_CAEEL Hypothetical protein F09G2.5.
  15. O17547_CAEEL GluClalpha2A protein.
  16. O17548_CAEEL GluClalpha2B protein precursor.
  17. O17555_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  18. O18228_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  19. O18276_CAEEL Hypothetical protein gab-1.
  20. O44452_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  21. O44917_CAEEL Hypothetical protein W10G11.16.
  22. P90876_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  23. P91197_CAEEL Acetylcholine receptor protein 11.
  24. P91985_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  25. Q10052_CAEEL Gaba/glycine receptor family (See gbr) protein 3.
  26. Q17369_CAEEL Inhibitory amino acid receptor subunit gbr-2B precursor.
  27. Q18518_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  28. Q18556_CAEEL Hypothetical protein acr-9.
  29. Q18812_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  30. Q19351_CAEEL Hypothetical protein F11C7.1.
  31. Q19358_CAEEL Hypothetical protein F11H8.2.
  32. Q21005_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  33. Q21420_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  34. Q21645_CAEEL Acetylcholine receptor protein 10.
  35. Q22224_CAEEL Hypothetical protein acr-14.
  36. Q22637_CAEEL Hypothetical protein unc-49.
  37. Q22741_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  38. Q22870_CAEEL Glutamate-gated chloride channel (Fragment).
  39. Q23355_CAEEL Hypothetical protein acr-8.
  40. Q58AT9_CAEEL Modulation of locomotion defective protein 1, isoform c.
  41. Q65XS8_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  42. Q67X94_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  43. Q6BEQ0_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  44. Q6BET0_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  45. Q6F6K3_CAEEL Acetylcholine receptor protein 17, isoform b.
  46. Q6QWI5_CAEEL Acetylcholine receptor 20 (63.9 kD) alternative variant a.
  47. Q6TXQ9_CAEEL Excitatory GABA receptor EXP-1A.
  48. Q8MPU3_CAEEL Modulation of locomotion defective protein 1, isoform b.
  49. Q93329_CAEEL Hypothetical protein lev-8.
  50. Q95QT7_CAEEL Glutamate-gated chloride channel protein 4.
  51. Q95Y52_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  52. Q95Y94_CAEEL Hypothetical protein R13A5.4.
  53. Q9GUF0_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  54. Q9N4M3_CAEEL Acetylcholine receptor protein 6.
  55. Q9N517_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  56. Q9N5U8_CAEEL Acetylcholine receptor protein 21.
  57. Q9NA46_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  58. Q9NA62_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  59. Q9TVI7_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  60. Q9U298_CAEEL Hypothetical protein eat-2.
  61. Q9U2E2_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  62. Q9U358_CAEEL Hypothetical protein.
  63. YO99_CAEEL Hypothetical glycine receptor-like protein T20B12.9 in chromosome III.
  64. YZN4_CAEEL Hypothetical acetylcholine receptor-like protein F18G5.4 in chromosome X precursor.
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