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SynDB Home Page

SynDB is an online resource of proteins known or predicted to be related to the synapse* or synaptic activity. It is intended to be a repository of current knowledge and data as well as a starting point for future proteomics research in neurobiology.

*A synapse is the structure where a nervous impulse passes from one neuron to another and synaptic activity is central to almost all neurobiological processes, including learning, memory, and neuronal development. The study of synaptic function and composition will help in understanding the pathology of neurological diseases and in the search for therapeutic approaches.

Citation: Zhang, W., Zhang, Y., Zheng, H., Zhang, C., Xiong, W., Olyarchuk, J.G., Walker, M., Xu, W., Zhao, M., Zhao, S. et al. (2006) SynDB: a Synapse protein DataBase based on synapse ontology. Nucl. Acids Res., gkl876. (Full Text)

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