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Biological_process (Total sequences:7080 H:2010 M:800 R:446 D:731 C:287)
    Reproduction (Total:165 H:24 M:25 R:3 D:109)
        Sexual reproduction (Total:128 H:14 M:20 R:2 D:92)
            Gametogenesis (Total:124 H:14 M:18 R:2 D:90)
            Fertilization (Total:3 M:1 D:2)
            Unclassified (Total:1 M:1)
        Reproductive physiological process (Total:20 H:9 M:5 R:1 D:1)
    Development (Total:1054 H:329 M:266 R:86 D:304 C:12)
        Pattern specification (Total:109 H:4 M:24 R:1 D:75)
            Compartment specification (Total:4 M:2 D:2)
            Axis specification (Total:46 M:3 D:43)
            Determination of symmetry (Total:6 H:1 M:4 D:1)
            Embryonic pattern specification (Total:59 H:2 M:10 R:1 D:44)
            Anterior/posterior pattern formation (Total:53 M:8 D:42)
            Dorsal/ventral pattern formation (Total:24 M:7 D:17)
            Proximal/distal pattern formation (Total:12 M:1 D:11)
            Unclassified (Total:4 H:1 D:2)
        Sex determination (Total:9 H:1 M:1 D:7)
            Primary sex determination (Total:3 D:3)
            Germ-line sex determination (Total:1 D:1)
            Somatic sex determination (Total:5 D:5)
            Female sex determination (Total:2 D:2)
            Male sex determination (Total:2 M:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:4 H:1 D:3)
        Sex differentiation (Total:34 H:4 M:5 R:1 D:17 C:2)
            Development of secondary sexual characteristics (Total:1 M:1)
            Development of primary sexual characteristics (Total:17 H:2 M:3 R:1 D:6 C:1)
            Female sex differentiation (Total:12 H:1 M:3 R:1 D:3)
            Male sex differentiation (Total:6 H:1 M:3 D:2)
            Sex-specific pigmentation (Total:1 D:1)
            Genitalia development (Total:7 M:2 D:5)
            Unclassified (Total:7 H:2 D:3 C:1)
        Eclosion (Total:7 D:7)
            Regulation of eclosion (Total:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:3 D:3)
        Aging (Total:8 H:2 M:2 D:4)
            Cell aging (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Determination of adult life span (Total:4 D:4)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
        Genetic transfer (Total:1 H:1)
            DNA mediated transformation (Total:1 H:1)
        Morphogenesis (Total:487 H:91 M:151 R:36 D:178 C:3)
            Morphogenesis of a branching structure (Total:26 H:1 M:12 D:13)
            Morphogenesis of an epithelium (Total:70 M:14 R:1 D:55)
            Establishment of tissue polarity (Total:16 M:1 D:15)
            Metamorphosis (Total:74 D:74)
            Post-embryonic morphogenesis (Total:2 D:2)
            Organ morphogenesis (Total:204 H:21 M:76 R:9 D:90 C:1)
            Regeneration (Total:4 R:4)
            Appendage morphogenesis (Total:34 H:1 M:3 D:29)
            Medial fin morphogenesis (Total:1)
            Tube morphogenesis (Total:34 H:1 M:9 D:24)
            Embryonic morphogenesis (Total:61 H:2 M:16 R:1 D:40)
            Anatomical structure formation (Total:10 H:2 M:1 D:4)
            Unclassified (Total:20 H:17 M:3)
        Embryonic development (Total:170 H:11 M:43 R:3 D:103 C:1)
            Embryonic development (sensu Metazoa) (Total:88 H:4 M:20 R:2 D:57 C:1)
            Regulation of embryonic development (Total:3 M:1)
            Embryonic organ development (Total:13 H:1 D:11)
            Unclassified (Total:11 H:3 M:3 D:4)
        Post-embryonic development (Total:101 H:1 M:4 R:1 D:90)
            Larval development (Total:11 D:11)
            Larval or pupal development (sensu Insecta) (Total:88 D:87)
            Unclassified (Total:1 M:1)
        Tissue development (Total:92 H:29 M:16 R:11 D:29)
            Ectoderm development (Total:47 H:20 M:8 R:2 D:17)
            Endoderm development (Total:2 M:1 D:1)
            Mesoderm development (Total:25 H:5 M:1 D:16)
            Biomineral formation (Total:16 H:3 M:5 R:5)
            Tissue morphogenesis (Total:21 H:3 M:5 R:1 D:10)
            Unclassified (Total:2 M:2)
        Stem cell maintenance (Total:8 H:1 M:1 D:6)
            Germ-line stem cell maintenance (Total:3 D:3)
            Somatic stem cell maintenance (Total:2 D:2)
            Unclassified (Total:3 H:1 M:1 D:1)
        Cell differentiation (Total:431 H:71 M:131 R:43 D:152 C:2)
            Oenocyte differentiation (Total:2 D:2)
            Keratinocyte differentiation (Total:5 M:3 R:2)
            Mechanoreceptor differentiation (Total:6 H:1 M:4 R:1)
            Cone cell differentiation (Total:6 D:6)
            Muscle cell differentiation (Total:20 H:4 M:5 R:1 D:9 C:1)
            Cell fate commitment (Total:104 H:6 M:23 R:4 D:68)
            Fat cell differentiation (Total:5 H:1 M:1 R:1)
            Endothelial cell differentiation (Total:5 H:2 M:2 R:1)
            Regulation of cell differentiation (Total:75 H:13 M:24 R:10 D:19)
            Photoreceptor cell differentiation (Total:52 M:4 R:1 D:47)
            Cell development (Total:257 H:36 M:75 R:20 D:109 C:1)
            Mesenchymal cell differentiation (Total:4 M:4)
            Pigment cell differentiation (Total:1 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:34 H:12 M:10 R:3 C:1)
        Hatching (Total:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 D:1)
        Segmentation (Total:55 M:5 D:48)
            Unclassified (Total:1 D:1)
        Tube development (Total:52 H:1 M:22 R:1 D:28)
        Pigmentation during development (Total:14 H:2 M:3 D:9)
            Eye pigmentation (Total:6 H:2 D:4)
            Regulation of developmental pigmentation (Total:2 M:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:6 M:2 D:4)
        Organ development (Total:411 H:90 M:137 R:18 D:150 C:5)
            Skeletal development (Total:38 H:21 M:8 R:5)
            Eye development (Total:85 H:5 M:12 R:1 D:66)
            Vasculature development (Total:39 H:7 M:29 R:3)
            Imaginal disc development (Total:91 D:91)
            Muscle development (Total:84 H:26 M:21 R:2 D:31 C:4)
            Ear development (Total:13 H:1 M:10 R:1)
            Hemopoietic or lymphoid organ development (Total:66 H:16 M:24 R:4 D:18)
            Gut development (Total:13 D:13)
            Post-embryonic organ development (Total:5 D:5)
            Gland development (Total:36 H:2 M:4 D:29)
        Developmental growth (Total:21 H:1 R:4 D:16)
        System development (Total:527 H:166 M:116 R:53 D:160 C:2)
            Urogenital system development (Total:14 H:3 M:11)
            Nervous system development (Total:494 H:165 M:109 R:53 D:136 C:2)
            Tracheal system development (sensu Insecta) (Total:35 D:35)
            Endocrine system development (Total:2 M:1)
            Exocrine system development (Total:28 M:2 D:25)
        Appendage development (Total:34 H:1 M:3 D:29)
            Appendage development (sensu Endopterygota) (Total:28 D:28)
        Regulation of development (Total:134 H:22 M:36 R:20 D:29)
            Regulation of development, heterochronic (Total:6 D:6)
        Unclassified (Total:51 H:32 M:5 R:3 D:4 C:1)
    Physiological process (Total:6119 H:1623 M:678 R:360 D:632 C:243)
        Metabolism (Total:3177 H:743 M:300 R:121 D:282 C:58)
            Nitrogen compound metabolism (Total:189 H:66 M:21 R:12 D:22 C:4)
            Catabolism (Total:197 H:64 M:20 R:12 D:16 C:2)
            Biosynthesis (Total:317 H:106 M:42 R:22 D:46 C:5)
            Regulation of metabolism (Total:515 H:155 M:140 R:31 D:99 C:16)
            Secondary metabolism (Total:18 H:5 R:2 D:8)
            Macromolecule metabolism (Total:1052 H:434 M:159 R:62 D:174 C:18)
            Cellular metabolism (Total:3032 H:668 M:289 R:114 D:263 C:49)
            Primary metabolism (Total:1703 H:656 M:282 R:107 D:264 C:41)
            Unclassified (Total:24 H:5 M:1 R:1 D:3 C:3)
        Death (Total:239 H:98 M:53 R:26 D:30)
            Cell death (Total:238 H:98 M:53 R:26 D:29)
            Tissue death (Total:14 D:14)
        Locomotion (Total:194 H:47 M:53 R:9 D:58 C:5)
            Regulation of locomotion (Total:16 H:3 M:6 C:5)
            Unclassified (Total:3 D:3)
        Homeostasis (Total:140 H:43 M:37 R:21 D:4 C:1)
            Thermoregulation (Total:7 H:1 M:3 R:1)
            Tissue homeostasis (Total:3 M:3)
            Osmoregulation (Total:1 H:1)
            Cell homeostasis (Total:108 H:36 M:25 R:19 D:4 C:1)
            Glucose homeostasis (Total:7 H:1 M:3 R:1)
            Cholesterol homeostasis (Total:15 H:1 M:3 R:1)
            Ion homeostasis (Total:94 H:33 M:21 R:14 D:3 C:1)
            Unclassified (Total:7 H:4 M:3)
        Extracellular structure organization and biogenesis (Total:74 H:22 M:13 R:8 D:25)
            Extracellular matrix organization and biogenesis (Total:71 H:22 M:13 R:8 D:22)
            Intercellular bridge organization and biogenesis (Total:3 D:3)
        Rhythmic process (Total:38 H:6 M:12 R:5 D:10)
            Circadian rhythm (Total:28 H:5 M:8 R:4 D:10)
        Regulation of physiological process (Total:947 H:320 M:244 R:107 D:142 C:23)
            Regulation of coagulation (Total:3 H:1 M:1 R:1)
            Regulation of organismal physiological process (Total:121 H:31 M:34 R:28 D:5 C:1)
            Regulation of cellular physiological process (Total:846 H:294 M:222 R:76 D:130 C:17)
        Coagulation (Total:16 H:10 M:4 R:1 D:1)
        Organismal physiological process (Total:926 H:365 M:152 R:122 D:129 C:14)
            Cell activation (Total:39 H:12 M:16 R:3)
            Muscle contraction (Total:63 H:46 M:9 R:4 D:2 C:1)
            Respiratory gaseous exchange (Total:9 H:4 M:5)
            Digestion (Total:19 H:12 M:3 R:2)
            Excretion (Total:17 H:13 M:2 R:1 D:1)
            Circulation (Total:63 H:35 M:11 R:4 D:2)
            Sleep (Total:8 H:1 M:2 R:1 D:3)
            Molting cycle (Total:8 M:4 D:4)
            Reproductive organismal physiological process (Total:20 H:9 M:5 R:1 D:1)
            Tissue remodeling (Total:20 H:3 M:6 R:8)
            Neurophysiological process (Total:643 H:220 M:86 R:94 D:111 C:13)
            Regulation of body fluids (Total:23 H:13 M:5 R:2 D:3)
            Organismal movement (Total:6 H:1 M:3 R:1 D:1)
            Endocrine physiological process (Total:1)
        Cellular physiological process (Total:5734 H:1441 M:610 R:299 D:603 C:234)
            Nuclear division (Total:1 D:1)
            Autophagy (Total:5 M:1 D:4)
            Cell cycle (Total:253 H:98 M:42 R:17 D:51 C:2)
            Chromosome segregation (Total:41 H:9 M:5 R:3 D:20)
            Cellularization (Total:8 D:8)
            Cell proliferation (Total:168 H:88 M:43 R:12 D:22)
            Cell organization and biogenesis (Total:1181 H:355 M:216 R:76 D:216 C:25)
            Cell division (Total:78 H:8 M:4 D:33 C:2)
            Detection of stimulus (Total:40 H:14 M:4 R:3 D:11)
            Unclassified (Total:10 M:3 D:7)
        Localization (Total:3712 H:681 M:263 R:152 D:297 C:205)
            RNA localization (Total:24 H:4 M:2 R:1 D:14 C:1)
            Protein localization (Total:417 H:104 M:62 R:13 D:49 C:30)
            Establishment of localization (Total:3675 H:673 M:254 R:151 D:280 C:205)
            Maintenance of localization (Total:9 H:2 R:1 D:6)
            Organelle localization (Total:15 H:3 M:2 D:10)
            Localization of cell (Total:187 H:47 M:52 R:9 D:56 C:1)
        Unclassified (Total:2 M:1 R:1)
    Obsolete biological process (Total:3 H:2 M:1)
        DNA replication and chromosome cycle (Total:3 H:2 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:3 H:2 M:1)
    Cellular process (Total:6707 H:1851 M:719 R:413 D:683 C:279)
        Cell communication (Total:1985 H:785 M:255 R:205 D:225 C:78)
            Signal transduction (Total:1507 H:659 M:197 R:120 D:137 C:64)
            Cell-cell signaling (Total:580 H:198 M:76 R:92 D:94 C:13)
            Response to extracellular stimulus (Total:15 H:6 M:4 R:1 D:2)
            Unclassified (Total:22 H:12 R:4 D:1 C:1)
        Cell adhesion (Total:207 H:106 M:21 R:10 D:37 C:2)
            Cell-cell adhesion (Total:86 H:30 M:7 R:5 D:23 C:1)
            Regulation of cell adhesion (Total:15 H:4 M:7 R:1)
            Cell-substrate adhesion (Total:16 H:3 M:2 R:2 D:3)
            Unclassified (Total:101 H:76 M:7 R:2 D:12 C:1)
        Cell recognition (Total:20 H:3 M:2 D:15)
            Neuron recognition (Total:18 H:2 M:1 D:15)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
        Regulation of cellular process (Total:948 H:333 M:237 R:90 D:157 C:18)
            Unclassified (Total:5 H:2 M:2 R:1)
    Viral life cycle (Total:11 H:6 M:3 R:1)
        Latent virus infection (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Reactivation of latent virus (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
        Viral infectious cycle (Total:5 H:3 M:1 R:1)
            Initiation of viral infection (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Viral genome replication (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
        Regulation of viral life cycle (Total:1 R:1)
        Unclassified (Total:2 H:1)
    Growth (Total:85 H:23 M:16 R:14 D:28)
        Body growth (Total:9 M:5 D:4)
            Regulation of body size (Total:9 M:5 D:4)
        Organ growth (Total:11 D:11)
            Regulation of organ size (Total:11 D:11)
        Regulation of growth (Total:54 H:10 M:13 R:9 D:18)
            Cell competition (sensu Metazoa) (Total:1 D:1)
            Negative regulation of growth (Total:21 H:4 M:5 R:2 D:6)
            Positive regulation of growth (Total:10 M:3 R:2 D:5)
            Unclassified (Total:7 H:3 R:1 D:2)
        Unclassified (Total:4 H:1 D:3)
    Pigmentation (Total:14 H:2 M:3 D:9)
    Regulation of biological process (Total:1153 H:403 M:281 R:132 D:180 C:29)
        Regulation of gene expression, epigenetic (Total:19 H:7 M:5 D:5 C:2)
            Dosage compensation (Total:3 M:1 D:2)
            Negative regulation of gene expression, epigenetic (Total:4 H:2 D:1 C:1)
        Positive regulation of biological process (Total:410 H:158 M:110 R:40 D:61 C:5)
            Positive regulation of enzyme activity (Total:50 H:28 M:12 R:3 D:4)
            Positive regulation of physiological process (Total:319 H:112 M:93 R:32 D:47 C:5)
            Positive regulation of cellular process (Total:344 H:129 M:93 R:33 D:56 C:1)
            Positive regulation of development (Total:33 H:8 M:16 R:6)
            Positive regulation of binding (Total:1 M:1)
        Negative regulation of biological process (Total:342 H:115 M:97 R:31 D:65 C:2)
            Negative regulation of enzyme activity (Total:33 H:21 M:6 R:2)
            Negative regulation of physiological process (Total:282 H:96 M:84 R:26 D:45 C:2)
            Negative regulation of cellular process (Total:311 H:102 M:90 R:26 D:62 C:2)
            Negative regulation of development (Total:42 H:4 M:10 R:5 D:15)
        Regulation of catalytic activity (Total:115 H:62 M:20 R:9 D:6 C:4)
            Regulation of cyclase activity (Total:23 H:17 M:3 R:1)
            Regulation of helicase activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Regulation of hydrolase activity (Total:31 H:11 M:4 R:3 D:2 C:4)
            Regulation of transferase activity (Total:57 H:33 M:13 R:3 D:4)
            Regulation of lyase activity (Total:23 H:17 M:3 R:1)
            Regulation of oxidoreductase activity (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
        Regulation of binding (Total:4 H:1 M:3)
            Regulation of DNA binding (Total:3 H:1 M:2)
            Unclassified (Total:1 M:1)
    Response to stimulus (Total:677 H:265 M:157 R:65 D:99 C:4)
        Response to stress (Total:312 H:134 M:80 R:34 D:19 C:2)
            Response to hypoxia (Total:18 H:5 M:4 R:5 D:1)
            Response to osmotic stress (Total:5 M:3 R:2)
            Response to DNA damage stimulus (Total:71 H:36 M:16 R:4 D:8)
            Response to wounding (Total:94 H:49 M:23 R:11 D:1)
            Fear response (Total:5 M:4 R:1)
            Response to pain (Total:5 M:4 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:44 H:20 M:12 R:4 C:1)
        Behavior (Total:193 H:51 M:49 R:15 D:56 C:1)
            Learning and/or memory (Total:61 H:10 M:18 R:6 D:17)
            Rhythmic behavior (Total:15 H:1 M:3 R:1 D:9)
            Locomotory behavior (Total:80 H:18 M:19 R:5 D:28)
            Feeding behavior (Total:20 H:10 M:4 R:4 D:2)
            Reproductive behavior (Total:22 H:2 M:1 D:19)
            Adult behavior (Total:25 H:1 M:7 D:17)
            Larval behavior (Total:8 D:8)
            Regulation of behavior (Total:2 M:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:14 H:10 M:3 D:1)
        Response to external stimulus (Total:165 H:70 M:34 R:14 D:17)
            Response to mechanical stimulus (Total:6 H:1 M:3 D:2)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:2)
        Response to biotic stimulus (Total:136 H:56 M:36 R:9 D:4 C:1)
            Defense response (Total:125 H:53 M:33 R:9)
            Response to other organism (Total:110 H:49 M:25 R:6 D:4 C:1)
        Response to abiotic stimulus (Total:221 H:69 M:36 R:21 D:49 C:2)
            Response to temperature stimulus (Total:16 H:3 M:5 D:7 C:1)
            Response to pH (Total:4 H:2 M:2)
            Response to radiation (Total:38 H:8 M:3 R:2 D:15)
            Response to chemical stimulus (Total:168 H:55 M:28 R:17 D:32 C:2)
            Unclassified (Total:1 D:1)
        Response to endogenous stimulus (Total:87 H:39 M:19 R:6 D:14)
        Cellular response to stimulus (Total:1 M:1)
        Unclassified (Total:1 M:1)
    Interaction between organisms (Total:56 H:13 M:6 D:19)
        Interspecies interaction between organisms (Total:23 H:3 M:2)
            Symbiosis, encompassing mutualism through parasitism (Total:23 H:3 M:2)
        Behavioral interaction between organisms (Total:22 H:2 M:1 D:19)
        Physiological interaction between organisms (Total:15 H:7 M:3)
Cellular_component (Total sequences:6435 H:1716 M:1149 R:306 D:511 C:236)
    Extracellular region (Total:471 H:101 M:252 R:11 D:26 C:4)
        Extracellular region part (Total:343 H:59 M:250 R:4 D:12 C:4)
            Extracellular matrix (sensu Metazoa) (Total:67 H:32 M:15 R:4 D:5 C:4)
            Extracellular space (Total:280 H:28 M:244 D:1)
            Intercellular bridge (Total:6 D:6)
        Unclassified (Total:130 H:44 M:2 R:7 D:14)
    Cell (Total:6142 H:1651 M:1045 R:298 D:492 C:233)
        Cell part (Total:6142 H:1651 M:1045 R:298 D:492 C:233)
            Cell fraction (Total:203 H:110 M:53 R:22 D:4 C:2)
            Intracellular (Total:3785 H:988 M:608 R:163 D:302 C:54)
            Protein serine/threonine phosphatase complex (Total:6 H:4 D:1)
            Cell surface (Total:49 H:22 M:17 R:7)
            Membrane (Total:4132 H:892 M:576 R:167 D:243 C:196)
            Site of polarized growth (Total:9 H:2 M:3 R:3)
            Midbody (Total:1 M:1)
            Leading edge (Total:22 H:3 M:16 R:2 D:1)
            Cell division site (Total:1 M:1)
            Cell projection (Total:94 H:27 M:42 R:17 D:3)
            Cell soma (Total:9 H:1 M:4 R:3 D:1)
            ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter complex (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
            Apical part of cell (Total:28 H:2 M:10 R:2 D:14)
            Basal part of cell (Total:7 H:1 M:2 D:4)
        Unclassified (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
    Extracellular matrix (Total:443 H:51 M:29 R:18 D:24 C:77)
        Extracellular matrix part (Total:417 H:41 M:23 R:16 D:22 C:76)
        Unclassified (Total:6 H:2 R:1)
    Membrane-enclosed lumen (Total:161 H:69 M:56 R:9 D:16 C:2)
    Envelope (Total:435 H:90 M:22 R:12 D:12 C:3)
    Organelle (Total:3328 H:819 M:512 R:124 D:245 C:38)
        Vesicle (Total:283 H:63 M:53 R:31 D:50 C:11)
            Membrane-bound vesicle (Total:283 H:63 M:53 R:31 D:50 C:11)
        Membrane-bound organelle (Total:2910 H:645 M:464 R:105 D:206 C:28)
        Non-membrane-bound organelle (Total:568 H:236 M:89 R:27 D:64 C:11)
        Organelle part (Total:1250 H:394 M:203 R:58 D:92 C:21)
            Organelle lumen (Total:161 H:69 M:56 R:9 D:16 C:2)
    Protein complex (Total:764 H:304 M:109 R:60 D:84 C:27)
        Unlocalized protein complex (Total:7 H:1 M:1 D:5)
            DNA-dependent protein kinase complex (Total:1 D:1)
            Rab-protein geranylgeranyltransferase complex (Total:2 H:1 D:1)
            Guanylate cyclase complex, soluble (Total:1 D:1)
            Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase complex (Total:3 M:1 D:2)
        Immunoglobulin complex (Total:2 M:2)
        Receptor complex (Total:52 H:15 M:8 R:18 D:5)
        Unclassified (Total:5 H:1 R:1 C:1)
    Synapse (Total:446 H:21 M:37 R:19 D:21 C:74)
        Synapse part (Total:370 H:17 M:14 R:13 D:19 C:73)
        Unclassified (Total:76 H:4 M:23 R:6 D:2 C:1)
Molecular_function (Total sequences:7224 H:2084 M:791 R:470 D:741 C:329)
    Motor activity (Total:153 H:62 M:9 R:5 D:24 C:7)
        Microfilament motor activity (Total:8 H:6 M:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:8 H:6 M:1 D:1)
        Microtubule motor activity (Total:114 H:47 M:7 R:3 D:19 C:5)
            Minus-end-directed microtubule motor activity (Total:1 M:1)
            Plus-end-directed microtubule motor activity (Total:4 H:1 D:3)
            Unclassified (Total:109 H:46 M:6 R:3 D:16 C:5)
        Unclassified (Total:32 H:9 M:1 R:2 D:5 C:2)
    Catalytic activity (Total:2883 H:666 M:193 R:127 D:200 C:56)
        RNA editase activity (Total:2 H:1 D:1)
        Helicase activity (Total:28 H:21 D:4)
            DNA helicase activity (Total:11 H:9 D:2)
            RNA helicase activity (Total:6 H:6)
            Unclassified (Total:5 H:4 D:1)
        Sterol carrier protein X-related thiolase activity (Total:1 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 M:1)
        Small protein conjugating enzyme activity (Total:7 H:4 M:2 D:1)
            Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme activity (Total:7 H:4 M:2 D:1)
        Small protein activating enzyme activity (Total:1)
            Ubiquitin-like activating enzyme activity (Total:1)
        Cyclase activity (Total:3 H:1 D:1)
        Oxidoreductase activity (Total:1473 H:117 M:20 R:18 D:21 C:15)
            Monooxygenase activity (Total:50 H:7 M:2 R:5 D:5 C:2)
            Electron carrier activity (Total:169 H:41 M:4 C:3)
            Heme-copper terminal oxidase activity (Total:209 H:9 M:1 R:1 C:1)
            Disulfide oxidoreductase activity (Total:6 H:4 M:2)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on CH-OH group of donors (Total:19 H:13 M:2 D:4)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-CH group of donors (Total:16 H:9 M:1 R:1 D:3)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-NH2 group of donors (Total:8 H:6 M:1 R:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-NH group of donors (Total:13 H:7 M:3 R:1 C:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on NADH or NADPH (Total:157 H:30 M:1 D:1 C:4)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on sulfur group of donors (Total:8 H:4 M:1 D:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on heme group of donors (Total:209 H:9 M:1 R:1 C:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on diphenols and related substances as donors (Total:5 H:4)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on peroxide as acceptor (Total:8 H:2 M:1 D:2)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on single donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen (Total:3 R:1 C:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen (Total:40 H:9 M:2 R:8 D:4)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on superoxide radicals as acceptor (Total:2 H:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on iron-sulfur proteins as donors (Total:2 H:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors (Total:13 H:6 M:3 R:3 D:1)
            Arsenate reductase activity (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Oxidoreductase activity, acting on phosphorus or arsenic in donors (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Dioxygenase activity (Total:3 R:1 C:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1236 H:7 M:1 R:3 D:8 C:7)
        Transferase activity (Total:703 H:273 M:110 R:59 D:96 C:22)
            Transferase activity, transferring one-carbon groups (Total:21 H:10 M:3 D:2 C:2)
            Transferase activity, transferring acyl groups (Total:71 H:18 M:11 R:5 D:9 C:7)
            Transferase activity, transferring glycosyl groups (Total:40 H:17 M:3 D:8 C:2)
            Transferase activity, transferring alkyl or aryl (other than methyl) groups (Total:8 H:6 M:1 R:1)
            Transferase activity, transferring nitrogenous groups (Total:7 H:4 R:1 D:2)
            Transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups (Total:533 H:205 M:84 R:51 D:74 C:11)
            Transferase activity, transferring sulfur-containing groups (Total:22 H:13 M:8 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:75 H:14 M:2 D:18 C:8)
        Hydrolase activity (Total:592 H:217 M:50 R:48 D:65 C:14)
            Peptidase activity (Total:93 H:41 M:7 R:6 D:13)
            Hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds (Total:259 H:65 M:17 R:24 D:25 C:7)
            Hydrolase activity, acting on glycosyl bonds (Total:18 H:10 M:4 D:2 C:1)
            Hydrolase activity, acting on ether bonds (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
            Hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds (Total:22 H:15 M:1 R:2 D:3 C:1)
            Hydrolase activity, acting on acid anhydrides (Total:203 H:86 M:21 R:15 D:24 C:6)
            Deacetylase activity (Total:6 H:4 M:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:109 H:9 D:13 C:3)
        Lyase activity (Total:71 H:18 M:3 R:1 D:6 C:1)
            Carbon-carbon lyase activity (Total:46 H:6 M:1 D:2 C:1)
            Carbon-oxygen lyase activity (Total:14 H:9 M:2 R:1)
            Carbon-sulfur lyase activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Phosphorus-oxygen lyase activity (Total:7 H:1 D:4)
            Unclassified (Total:4 H:1)
        Isomerase activity (Total:13 H:6 M:3 R:1)
            Intramolecular oxidoreductase activity (Total:9 H:3 M:3 R:1)
            Intramolecular transferase activity (Total:4 H:3)
        Ligase activity (Total:83 H:39 M:8 R:5 D:16 C:4)
            Ligase activity, forming carbon-oxygen bonds (Total:14 H:9 R:1 D:2 C:1)
            Ligase activity, forming carbon-sulfur bonds (Total:12 H:5 M:3 R:4)
            Ligase activity, forming carbon-nitrogen bonds (Total:44 H:18 M:5 D:13 C:2)
            Ligase activity, forming carbon-carbon bonds (Total:5 H:5)
            Ligase activity, forming phosphoric ester bonds (Total:2 H:1)
            Unclassified (Total:9 H:3 D:1 C:1)
        Lipoic acid synthase activity (Total:1 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 M:1)
        Deaminase activity (Total:3 H:2 D:1)
        Unclassified (Total:28 H:11 D:4)
    Signal transducer activity (Total:1457 H:513 M:128 R:119 D:112 C:97)
        Receptor activity (Total:1087 H:351 M:75 R:89 D:87 C:90)
            Phorbol ester receptor activity (Total:18 H:9 M:5 R:3)
            Peptide receptor activity (Total:138 H:41 M:15 R:12 D:11 C:14)
            Ligand-dependent nuclear receptor activity (Total:17 H:7 M:2 R:1 D:7)
            Transmembrane receptor activity (Total:842 H:292 M:61 R:82 D:67 C:70)
            Diuretic hormone receptor activity (Total:1 D:1)
            Inositol-1,4,5-triphosphate receptor activity (Total:5 H:3 M:1 R:1)
            Photoreceptor activity (Total:3 H:2 D:1)
            Coreceptor activity (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Apolipoprotein receptor activity (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Neurotransmitter receptor activity (Total:420 H:59 M:15 R:20 D:19 C:64)
            Leucokinin receptor activity (Total:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:314 H:99 M:4 R:2 D:22 C:33)
        Receptor signaling protein activity (Total:90 H:36 M:20 R:10 D:7 C:3)
            Transmembrane receptor protein tyrosine kinase signaling protein activity (Total:4 H:3 M:1)
            Receptor signaling protein serine/threonine kinase signaling protein activity (Total:8 H:3 M:2 R:1 D:1 C:1)
            Regulator of G-protein signaling activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Receptor signaling complex scaffold activity (Total:19 H:7 M:5 R:2 D:2 C:1)
            Receptor regulator activity (Total:2 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:13 H:5 M:3 R:2 D:1)
        Morphogen activity (Total:3 D:3)
            Unclassified (Total:3 D:3)
        Activin inhibitor activity (Total:7 H:1 M:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:7 H:1 M:1 R:1)
        Unclassified (Total:108 H:48 M:2 R:2 D:3 C:3)
    Structural molecule activity (Total:200 H:117 M:16 R:10 D:9 C:1)
        Structural constituent of ribosome (Total:28 H:20 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:28 H:20 D:1)
        Structural constituent of cell wall (Total:1 H:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 H:1)
        Structural constituent of cytoskeleton (Total:49 H:34 M:7 R:5 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:49 H:34 M:7 R:5 D:1)
        Extracellular matrix structural constituent (Total:11 H:7 M:2 R:1)
            Extracellular matrix structural constituent conferring tensile strength (Total:1 H:1)
            Extracellular matrix constituent conferring elasticity (Total:1 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:9 H:6 M:1 R:1)
        Structural constituent of muscle (Total:10 H:9 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:10 H:9 D:1)
        Structural constituent of myelin sheath (Total:2 H:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:1 R:1)
        Structural constituent of epidermis (Total:6 H:4 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:6 H:4 M:1)
        Structural constituent of cuticle (Total:3 C:1)
            Unclassified (Total:3 C:1)
        Unclassified (Total:94 H:44 M:6 R:3 D:7)
    Transporter activity (Total:1566 H:348 M:70 R:117 D:107 C:142)
        Amine transporter activity (Total:60 H:21 M:7 R:16 D:2 C:10)
            Acetylcholine transporter activity (Total:8 H:1 C:5)
            Dopamine transporter activity (Total:4 H:2 M:1 R:1)
            Norepinephrine transporter activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Monoamine transporter activity (Total:3 H:2 M:1)
            Polyamine transporter activity (Total:16 H:3 M:2 R:5 D:1 C:4)
            Choline transporter activity (Total:7 H:1 M:1 R:2 D:1 C:1)
            Serotonin transporter activity (Total:2 H:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 R:1)
        Lipid transporter activity (Total:11 H:8 R:2)
            Phospholipid transporter activity (Total:3 H:3)
            Sterol transporter activity (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:5 H:3 R:1)
        Neurotransmitter transporter activity (Total:117 H:16 R:4 D:19 C:16)
            Unclassified (Total:5 H:3 R:1 D:1)
        Organic acid transporter activity (Total:35 H:14 M:4 R:11 D:1 C:4)
            Carboxylic acid transporter activity (Total:35 H:14 M:4 R:11 D:1 C:4)
        Oxygen transporter activity (Total:5 H:1)
            Unclassified (Total:5 H:1)
        Water transporter activity (Total:3 H:1 R:2)
        Carrier activity (Total:190 H:37 M:9 R:18 D:24 C:17)
            Protein carrier activity (Total:1)
            Electrochemical potential-driven transporter activity (Total:144 H:24 M:5 R:13 D:20 C:17)
            Primary active transporter activity (Total:42 H:10 M:4 R:5 D:4)
            Unclassified (Total:3 H:3)
        Intracellular transporter activity (Total:44 H:10 R:4 D:10 C:8)
            Soluble NSF attachment protein activity (Total:1 D:1)
            SNAP receptor activity (Total:21 H:5 R:2 D:7 C:5)
            Nucleocytoplasmic transporter activity (Total:2 D:2)
            Unclassified (Total:20 H:5 R:2 C:3)
        Protein transporter activity (Total:48 H:15 M:4 R:1 D:4)
            Unclassified (Total:43 H:14 M:4 R:1 D:3)
        Ion transporter activity (Total:1218 H:210 M:48 R:82 D:79 C:115)
            Cation transporter activity (Total:909 H:174 M:42 R:63 D:61 C:53)
            Anion transporter activity (Total:51 H:23 M:5 R:15 D:2)
            Metal ion transporter activity (Total:21 H:11 M:3 R:4)
            Unclassified (Total:3 H:3)
        Carbohydrate transporter activity (Total:3 R:2 D:1)
            Nucleotide-sugar transporter activity (Total:1 R:1)
            Sugar transporter activity (Total:2 R:1 D:1)
        Drug transporter activity (Total:4 H:2 M:1 R:1)
        Channel or pore class transporter activity (Total:835 H:172 M:36 R:63 D:60 C:101)
            Alpha-type channel activity (Total:829 H:166 M:36 R:63 D:60 C:101)
            Porin activity (Total:2 H:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:6 H:6)
        Auxiliary transport protein activity (Total:35 H:11 M:6 R:6 C:1)
            Channel regulator activity (Total:35 H:11 M:6 R:6 C:1)
        Nucleobase, nucleoside, nucleotide and nucleic acid transporter activity (Total:5 H:4 R:1)
            Nucleoside transporter activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Nucleobase transporter activity (Total:2 H:2)
            Nucleotide transporter activity (Total:2 H:1 R:1)
        Siderophore transporter activity (Total:1)
        Vitamin transporter activity (Total:1 M:1)
            Carnitine transporter activity (Total:1 M:1)
        Cofactor transporter activity (Total:4 H:2 M:1 R:1)
            Creatine transporter activity (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
        Unclassified (Total:169 H:53 M:6 R:5 D:17 C:16)
    Binding (Total:3813 H:1097 M:617 R:247 D:519 C:208)
        Nucleotide binding (Total:551 H:145 M:45 R:28 D:66 C:35)
            Purine nucleotide binding (Total:535 H:138 M:45 R:28 D:62 C:34)
            Cyclic nucleotide binding (Total:4 M:1 C:1)
            Unclassified (Total:208 H:26 D:34 C:20)
        Pattern binding (Total:31 H:7 M:3 R:3 D:6)
            Polysaccharide binding (Total:31 H:7 M:3 R:3 D:6)
        Nucleic acid binding (Total:474 H:180 M:86 R:20 D:85 C:13)
            DNA binding (Total:335 H:125 M:71 R:17 D:64 C:9)
            RNA binding (Total:79 H:32 M:15 R:5 D:15 C:1)
            Translation factor activity, nucleic acid binding (Total:32 H:11 M:1 D:2)
            Unclassified (Total:44 H:17 M:1 D:8 C:3)
        Chromatin binding (Total:26 H:6 M:9 R:1 D:8)
            Unclassified (Total:25 H:6 M:8 R:1 D:8)
        Antigen binding (Total:6 H:3 M:2)
            Unclassified (Total:6 H:3 M:2)
        Steroid binding (Total:5 H:4 R:1)
            Androgen binding (Total:2 H:2)
            Sterol carrier activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Cholesterol binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 R:1)
        Protein binding (Total:1976 H:693 M:514 R:172 D:338 C:82)
            SNARE binding (Total:33 H:6 M:8 R:6 D:2 C:2)
            Beta-amyloid binding (Total:16 H:4 M:1 R:1)
            Opsin binding (Total:1 D:1)
            Receptor binding (Total:192 H:88 M:37 R:19 D:16)
            Calmodulin binding (Total:31 H:8 M:7 R:6 D:9)
            Collagen binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Lamin binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Profilin binding (Total:9 H:3 M:3 R:2)
            Beta-catenin binding (Total:5 H:1 M:3 D:1)
            Protein C-terminus binding (Total:12 H:7 M:2 R:3)
            Lipoprotein binding (Total:15 H:8 M:4 R:1)
            Cytoskeletal protein binding (Total:167 H:67 M:37 R:16 D:21 C:5)
            Transcription factor binding (Total:115 H:64 M:29 R:6 D:9 C:1)
            Importin-alpha export receptor activity (Total:1)
            Intermediate filament binding (Total:4 H:1 M:2)
            Growth factor binding (Total:17 H:6 M:5 R:2 D:1)
            Enzyme binding (Total:105 H:53 M:21 R:12 D:8 C:2)
            Protein domain specific binding (Total:37 H:11 M:11 R:10 D:1 C:2)
            Cytokine binding (Total:14 H:8 M:3 R:1 D:1)
            Clathrin binding (Total:9 H:4 M:1 R:1 D:1 C:1)
            Hemoglobin binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Protein binding, bridging (Total:19 H:13 M:2 R:3 D:1)
            GTP-dependent protein binding (Total:5 H:3 M:2)
            Heat shock protein binding (Total:6 H:2 M:1 R:1 D:2)
            Neurexin binding (Total:15 H:6 M:6 R:3)
            Histone binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Identical protein binding (Total:59 H:25 M:12 R:7 D:9)
            Ubiquitin binding (Total:4 H:3 R:1)
            Laminin binding (Total:4 H:1 M:1 R:2)
            Alpha-catenin binding (Total:1 M:1)
            Dynein binding (Total:6 H:2 M:1 R:1 D:1)
            Protein dimerization activity (Total:85 H:29 M:17 R:18 D:8 C:1)
            Protein N-terminus binding (Total:5 H:2 M:1 R:2)
            S100 alpha binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Calcium-dependent protein binding (Total:1 R:1)
            Cell adhesion molecule binding (Total:5 M:2 R:1 D:2)
            Unfolded protein binding (Total:31 H:12 M:4 R:2 D:3)
            Phosphoprotein binding (Total:3 M:3)
            Unclassified (Total:1378 H:425 M:405 R:93 D:277 C:71)
        Odorant binding (Total:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1)
        Drug binding (Total:5 H:2 R:3)
            Cyclosporin A binding (Total:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:4 H:2 R:2)
        Lipid binding (Total:82 H:24 M:15 R:11 D:7 C:3)
            Fatty acid binding (Total:13 H:2 M:1 R:1)
            Phospholipid binding (Total:58 H:17 M:13 R:10 D:5 C:3)
            Diacylglycerol binding (Total:3 H:1 D:2)
            Sphingolipid binding (Total:1 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:7 H:4)
        Bacterial binding (Total:5 H:2 M:2 R:1)
            Gram-negative bacterial binding (Total:3 H:1 M:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
        Selenium binding (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
        Oxygen binding (Total:2 H:2)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:2)
        Isoprenoid binding (Total:13 H:1 M:1 R:1)
            Retinoid binding (Total:13 H:1 M:1 R:1)
        Vitamin binding (Total:15 H:3 D:2)
            Biotin binding (Total:5 H:3 D:1)
        Carbohydrate binding (Total:44 H:9 M:3 R:3 D:8 C:2)
            Sugar binding (Total:14 H:2 D:3 C:2)
        Neurotransmitter binding (Total:423 H:60 M:15 R:22 D:19 C:64)
            Dopamine binding (Total:17 H:5 M:2 R:4 D:1 C:2)
            Acetylcholine binding (Total:38 H:19 M:2 R:6 D:1 C:2)
            Neuropeptide binding (Total:106 H:22 M:10 R:9 D:7 C:14)
            Unclassified (Total:2 R:2)
        Peptide binding (Total:142 H:44 M:15 R:13 D:11 C:14)
            Signal sequence binding (Total:3 H:3)
            Unclassified (Total:1 R:1)
        Phosphate binding (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:1 M:1)
        Hormone binding (Total:2 H:2)
        Ribonucleoprotein binding (Total:2 H:2)
            SnoRNP binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Ribosome binding (Total:1 H:1)
        Ion binding (Total:666 H:144 M:39 R:21 D:42 C:18)
            Cation binding (Total:609 H:124 M:19 R:16 D:37 C:18)
            Metal ion binding (Total:666 H:144 M:39 R:21 D:42 C:18)
        Amine binding (Total:46 H:21 M:4 R:10 D:1 C:2)
            Amino acid binding (Total:7 H:2 M:2 R:3)
            Taurine binding (Total:1 R:1)
        Virion binding (Total:3 H:1 M:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:3 H:1 M:1 R:1)
        Tetrapyrrole binding (Total:29 H:2 R:3 D:2 C:4)
            Heme binding (Total:29 H:2 R:3 D:2 C:4)
        Cofactor binding (Total:11 H:1 R:3 D:4)
            Coenzyme binding (Total:10 H:1 R:3 D:3)
            Unclassified (Total:1 D:1)
        Water binding (Total:1 H:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 H:1)
        Extracellular matrix binding (Total:5 H:2 M:1 R:2)
            Unclassified (Total:1 H:1)
        Unclassified (Total:94 H:39 D:15 C:4)
    Obsolete molecular function (Total:36 H:28 D:1 C:3)
        Electron transporter activity (Total:36 H:28 D:1 C:3)
            Unclassified (Total:36 H:28 D:1 C:3)
    Antioxidant activity (Total:32 H:7 M:4 R:2 D:2)
        Unclassified (Total:21 H:4 M:2 R:2)
    Chaperone regulator activity (Total:1 H:1)
        Hsp70/Hsc70 protein regulator activity (Total:1 H:1)
    Enzyme regulator activity (Total:208 H:85 M:23 R:19 D:26 C:8)
        Enzyme inhibitor activity (Total:68 H:32 M:7 R:4 D:5 C:2)
            Phospholipase inhibitor activity (Total:3 H:3)
            GTPase inhibitor activity (Total:3 H:3)
            Kinase inhibitor activity (Total:19 H:9 M:2 R:2 D:1)
            Chaperone inhibitor activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Protease inhibitor activity (Total:28 H:8 M:1 D:4 C:2)
            Caspase inhibitor activity (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:4 H:2 M:2)
        Enzyme activator activity (Total:47 H:20 M:6 R:8 D:7 C:1)
            ATPase stimulator activity (Total:1)
            GTPase activator activity (Total:33 H:13 M:3 R:6 D:6 C:1)
            Protease activator activity (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
            Kinase activator activity (Total:5 H:2 M:2 R:1)
            Guanylate cyclase activator activity (Total:1 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:4 H:3 M:1)
        Kinase regulator activity (Total:54 H:18 M:4 R:5 D:4 C:2)
            Protein kinase regulator activity (Total:49 H:17 M:3 R:5 D:4 C:2)
        Phosphatase regulator activity (Total:15 H:10 M:3 R:1)
            Protein phosphatase regulator activity (Total:15 H:10 M:3 R:1)
        Nitric-oxide synthase regulator activity (Total:2 H:2)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:2)
        Guanylate cyclase regulator activity (Total:1 D:1)
        GTPase regulator activity (Total:88 H:36 M:11 R:10 D:16 C:3)
            Small GTPase regulator activity (Total:48 H:17 M:8 R:4 D:12 C:2)
            Guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity (Total:35 H:16 M:6 R:2 D:7 C:1)
        Caspase regulator activity (Total:4 H:3 R:1)
        Unclassified (Total:7 H:2 M:1 R:2 D:1 C:1)
    Transcription regulator activity (Total:358 H:134 M:90 R:27 D:63 C:4)
        RNA polymerase I transcription factor activity (Total:1 H:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 H:1)
        RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity (Total:50 H:25 M:11 R:3 D:9)
            Specific RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity (Total:12 H:5 M:4 R:1 D:2)
            General RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity (Total:8 H:4 M:1 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:21 H:12 M:2 R:1 D:6)
        Transcriptional elongation regulator activity (Total:3 H:1 D:1)
            Positive transcription elongation factor activity (Total:2 D:1)
            Unclassified (Total:1 H:1)
        Transcription termination factor activity (Total:1 M:1)
            RNA polymerase I transcription termination factor activity (Total:1 M:1)
        Transcriptional activator activity (Total:119 H:46 M:28 R:12 D:22 C:1)
            Unclassified (Total:56 H:11 M:14 R:9 D:18)
        Transcriptional repressor activity (Total:62 H:25 M:21 R:3 D:11)
            Specific transcriptional repressor activity (Total:3 H:2 R:1)
            Unclassified (Total:33 H:8 M:13 R:2 D:8)
        Unclassified (Total:21 H:2 M:5 R:3 D:5 C:2)
    Translation regulator activity (Total:34 H:11 M:1 D:4)
        Translation repressor activity (Total:3 M:1 D:2)
        Unclassified (Total:2 D:2)

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