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Biological_process (Total sequences:7080 H:2010 M:800 R:446 D:731 C:287)
    Reproduction (Total:165 H:24 M:25 R:3 D:109)
    Development (Total:1054 H:329 M:266 R:86 D:304 C:12)
    Physiological process (Total:6119 H:1623 M:678 R:360 D:632 C:243)
    Obsolete biological process (Total:3 H:2 M:1)
    Cellular process (Total:6707 H:1851 M:719 R:413 D:683 C:279)
    Viral life cycle (Total:11 H:6 M:3 R:1)
    Growth (Total:85 H:23 M:16 R:14 D:28)
    Pigmentation (Total:14 H:2 M:3 D:9)
    Regulation of biological process (Total:1153 H:403 M:281 R:132 D:180 C:29)
    Response to stimulus (Total:677 H:265 M:157 R:65 D:99 C:4)
    Interaction between organisms (Total:56 H:13 M:6 D:19)
Cellular_component (Total sequences:6435 H:1716 M:1149 R:306 D:511 C:236)
    Extracellular region (Total:471 H:101 M:252 R:11 D:26 C:4)
    Cell (Total:6142 H:1651 M:1045 R:298 D:492 C:233)
    Extracellular matrix (Total:443 H:51 M:29 R:18 D:24 C:77)
    Membrane-enclosed lumen (Total:161 H:69 M:56 R:9 D:16 C:2)
    Envelope (Total:435 H:90 M:22 R:12 D:12 C:3)
    Organelle (Total:3328 H:819 M:512 R:124 D:245 C:38)
    Protein complex (Total:764 H:304 M:109 R:60 D:84 C:27)
    Synapse (Total:446 H:21 M:37 R:19 D:21 C:74)
Molecular_function (Total sequences:7224 H:2084 M:791 R:470 D:741 C:329)
    Motor activity (Total:153 H:62 M:9 R:5 D:24 C:7)
    Catalytic activity (Total:2883 H:666 M:193 R:127 D:200 C:56)
    Signal transducer activity (Total:1457 H:513 M:128 R:119 D:112 C:97)
    Structural molecule activity (Total:200 H:117 M:16 R:10 D:9 C:1)
    Transporter activity (Total:1566 H:348 M:70 R:117 D:107 C:142)
    Binding (Total:3813 H:1097 M:617 R:247 D:519 C:208)
    Obsolete molecular function (Total:36 H:28 D:1 C:3)
    Antioxidant activity (Total:32 H:7 M:4 R:2 D:2)
    Chaperone regulator activity (Total:1 H:1)
    Enzyme regulator activity (Total:208 H:85 M:23 R:19 D:26 C:8)
        Enzyme inhibitor activity (Total:68 H:32 M:7 R:4 D:5 C:2)
        Enzyme activator activity (Total:47 H:20 M:6 R:8 D:7 C:1)
        Kinase regulator activity (Total:54 H:18 M:4 R:5 D:4 C:2)
        Phosphatase regulator activity (Total:15 H:10 M:3 R:1)
        Nitric-oxide synthase regulator activity (Total:2 H:2)
            Unclassified (Total:2 H:2)
        Guanylate cyclase regulator activity (Total:1 D:1)
        GTPase regulator activity (Total:88 H:36 M:11 R:10 D:16 C:3)
        Caspase regulator activity (Total:4 H:3 R:1)
        Unclassified (Total:7 H:2 M:1 R:2 D:1 C:1)
    Transcription regulator activity (Total:358 H:134 M:90 R:27 D:63 C:4)
    Translation regulator activity (Total:34 H:11 M:1 D:4)

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